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What We Do

Image contains a desktop computer, network cabling,
steering wheel for computer simulation of car driving, security video-cam, 
spare power supply.
 We service individuals and businesses in many industries, providing the same level of excellent service to all customers. No job is too small or too large. Here are some examples:

Your computer wouldn’t boot? "Lost" vital data? Hard Disk died? Solid State Disk or USB Drive lost data? Virus destroyed your system? System at a screaching halt? System Crash? Accidentally deleted a file, a folder, a disk partition, Boot Sector? Your teenager daughter or son went to a party and is "missing" somewhere and you're worried sick? We solve such problems all the time.

Reviving a "dead" computer, repairing hardware and software, restoring an ancient operating system,cleaning out viruses, undeleting accidentally deleted files, disks and partitions, recovering lost passwords, designing and implementing global corporate networks with sophisticated security, disaster recovery, automatic load-balancing and failover, running sophisticated marketing campaigns using video-, audio -, e-mail and social media, and all manner of IT/computer-related tasks, from video animation, to math and financial modeling, to legal research to technology forensics.

Mother and daughter at the computer.From a child's first PC, to her mom's business computer, to major Wall Street Banks and Brokerages, we deliver IT projects with excellence. In IT services, we have "been there and done that" in medical, legal, architectural, automotive, engineering, government and private businesses, offices and networks, as well as residential apartments and suburban homes.

Picture of a computer Motherboard. In hardware - we can address any of your computing needs, from repairs, identifying h/w bottlenecks in performance, to unique, custom-built computers with much more computing power and speed, ability to display and share multiple video monitors, with minimal power consumption and ultra-small footprint.

Trade Station Computer with four display monitors.You can plug our "computer on a stick" into a USB of any machine with a keyboard, a display monitor and USB port. Now it can revive a dead computer, or some people simply carry all their files and computing environment on our tiny flash USB stick.

PC-Labs Bootable USB with Antivirus and Disk and File Recovery tools. No matter how "dead" or virus-infested (including the latest "weapons-grade" viruses, deemed "impossible to erradicate", our bootable USBs allow you to run a variety of antivirus and disk repair options, thus salvaging your valuable data.

We cut our teeth in Wall Street technology, developed secure mobile banking and trading, and served IT needs of many industries, so there's hardly a limit to what we do...


For Fast Remote & On-Site Technical Services Call / Text 845.652.3425
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Most services are provided globally

Emergencies: Fast Remote and On-Site Computer & Repair Service; Spyware & Virus Removal; Troubleshooting, Diagnostics, Benchamrking, Upgrades; Reviving  Dead" PC's & Disks, "Lost" Dat;  Backup & Recovery;
General IT Services:Office Automation; Networking; Marketing with E-mail, Video and Social Media;
Websites and SEO
Presentations, documentation, briefs; Remastering of photo, video and audio;
Math/Finance modeling;
Computer/Network Security, Firewalls, Computer Forensics & Much More;

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What we do (continued)

Iconic depiction of Computer RepairsFor hard-to-fix intermittent problems, we put computer subsystems through a battery of tests, thus identifying and prioritizing problems. It is better to take care of an impending failure, than to spend time and effort recovering from a disastrous loss of data and productivity, when a hard disk, memory, or CPU actually fail.

Fix it? – Sure. But We Do Much More than that...

PC-Labs helps you to dramatically increase your productivity.
From setting you up with encrypted email and text messaging, to setting up networks – from small to global, to setting up most practical and transparent security solutions;  From any mathematically-complex scientific and financial modeling, to advising our clients on all manner of automating and

In today's information world, mastery of Information Technologies puts the world into your hand.streamlining their day-to-day business processes, to making computers user-friendly, we are happy to solve business and IT problems – all with our trademark high business ethics.