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While we appreciate automation and the need for software packages and technologies for building websites (as well as sponsored articles promoting them), they carry a wrong message: they lead people to think that web developers are taking your money for something you can easily do yourself. There are two major problems with this: 1) Industry studies show that 98% of amateurs who attempt to build their websites – fail; 2) The web-building tools generate bloated code, which executes slowly; scripts that make browsers hang, and images that load slowly, if at all. In addition, most of the "do it yourself" (DIY) website builders won't allow you to relocate your site to a different Internet service provider, as their goal is really to charge a hefty web hoasting fee. To that end, they won't let you download or edit the code of the site, which makes SEO or code improvement impossible.

       Delicious spaghetty is good for you.
                        Spaghetty code – not so much!
As an Internet user, you have probably encountered too many "bloated", unresponsive websites, "hanging" your browser – frustrating or even impossible to navigate. Unfortunately, DIY results in spaghetty code, which frustrates website users: they browse away to better designed sites, and it is unlikely they would ever visit a "slow" site again.

While automation technologies for building websites do achieve certain results, the quality is never anywhere near what a professional developer would produce. Plus, the flexibility, speed and advice that come with our professional custom design are worth every penny you spend on it, and we implement our sites in crisp and clean, "lean and mean" HTML5 and CSS3 coding.

Professionals at PcLabs are expert designers and coders at the same time, with background in both graphic art and engineering and are orders of magnitude more efficient than do-it-yourself amateurs, whether with or without web-bulding tools. All in all — our professional web development, with our trademark stylish graphic design and highly efficient, concise coding is the most effective way to communicate your company's or your personal message to the world through your website.

The Websites we build are Responsive in more ways than one

illustration to pclab's responsive webdesign that fits various screen sizes in horizontal or vertical orientation

From stunningly beautiful in appearance, to businesslike in style, we create responsive websites that fit your business needs. Responsive means that the website displays nicely on all devices from all manufacturers. From a large-screen computer to a small smartphone equipped with an Internet browser, the Responsive website rearranges its headers, columns, navigational buttons, images and other elements to fit on screens of various sizes.

With Responsive design, there is no need to create special mobile websites for small mobile devices, as some older websites do, a practice becoming archaic. We use Responsive web design a set of design and development coding techniques that result in specific and ergonomically optimal display in response to the specific screen size, resolution, platform and device orientation (horizontal or vertical).

Given a large variety of smart phones, tablets and computers with different screen sizes and resolutions, and their two orientations (vertical or horizontal), and providing for a variety of browsers and their occasionally idiosyncratic interpretations of some of the CSS and HTML standards, "perfection" and "consistency" are a moving target, especially in a limited budget re-design of the old sites where keeping their old look and feel intact is important, but good enough, satisfying results are certainly within reach. When it comes to new websites, "best practices" in responsive design should be followed upfront, and not as an afterthought.

Responsive Web design uses a mix of flexible grids, fluid layouts and images whose size adjusts to the width of the screen, and an intelligent use of CSS media queries, which identify the screen size and resolution of the user's device. The Websites we create adhere to the latest HTML5 and CS3 standards. Combined with good coding practices, these underlying technologies provide for the fastest response and display time. In addition, we may use JavaScript whenever there is a need for more animation of the site's interactive display than CS3 alone can offer, and/or as the integral part of the Bootstrap framework, a set of web programming techniques developed specifically for Responsive design.

In summary, Responsive website means that it is built to self-adjust its display to fit any screen size. In our definition, "responsive" must not depart from its traditional meaning — the Website's users must enjoy quick responses when navigating and interacting with the Website. So, this sums it all: We design websites that are best suited for our clients and provide the best user experience, while minimizing mobile traffic (and billing) to the end user and keeping the site's design and its rollout under a compact budget, with the most bang for the buck. - Building your Dream Website