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PcLabs Cybersecurity Services

Link to PcLabs CyberSecurity Hologram on YouTubeDevise and implement solutions and services ranging from a computer owner with a single computer to a small business to a large enterprise with interconnected offices with thousands of computers and intranets with segregated and controlled traffic flows.

Consumer & Home Office:

Finely tuned personal firewall & antivirus products best suited to your requirements for protecting your computer from online threats.

Small Business

There are affordable, easy to use and effective solutions to secure small businesses. These includes turn-key appliances, giving you the freedom to focus on growing your business, instead of worrying about technology. The “set it and forget it” security appliances we install will be protecting your business at all times against hacking and all manner of viruses. Combined with our automated backups, it makes your data invincible even against malicious insiders.

Data Center:

The Data Center security solutions provide a comprehensive security architecture with flexible enforcement points for advanced protection against cyberattacks, including the latest devised attacks and weapons-grade viruses.


Enterprises deploy security along well-defined boundaries of the enterprize and its intranets at their perimeter, and internally within software defined data centers. With the next generation firewall and intrusion prevention solutions for protecting the well-segregated traffic, and backup solutions for data centers, the enterprise networks and data are well-protected from compromise.


Cloud Computing presents its own set of issues, where amateurism leads to opening gaping security holes and false sense of security even more often than in the areas listed above. See Backups

Our Comprehensive Cybersecurity Consulting Service follows a simple model: Analyze client's needs and environment, Recommend a solution, Implement, Document, and Provide Follow up or maintenance and updates, when needed.

We provide comprehensive Cybersecurity consulting services in the following areas:

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Contemporary Security Gear Is All You May Ever Need

The cybersecurity technologies we install, do an excellent job of protecting your network round the clock, 24X7, silently and transparently, never asking for vacations, sick days or pay raises. For many small and medium size businesses, that's all they may ever need. But this high-power "Fort Knox" styled cybersecurity is not for those individual users, who do not keep data of any value, and can easily afford replacing an infected computer or its hard disk. Properly configured Windows firewall and Defender might be adequite, if such is the case.

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Where robust security is desired and justified, solutions come as system software and/or s/w blades from leading Cyber Security vendors. The s/w runs on dedicated security appliances and/or network devices, best suited to handle your specific environment. These systems have one main job — to detect and kill all attacks "in transit", before they can reach and effect computers and other network devices. Even Zero-Day (unknown) threats can be removed.

Today's sophisticated malware and hacking capitalize on the cumulative and combined effect of their various components, working to gradually pry open your network devices, computers or data, while obfuscating and masking this maliceous activity and disabling or blocking antivirus, activity logging and security software.

See More about Next Gen CyberSec GearNext Generation Cybersecurity technology thwarts the maliceous activities, nipping them in the bud, making cyber-attacks close to impossible and ensuring the cumulative effect of multiple attacks by multiple means can never reach a critical mass – a sufficiently wide opening leading to a successful hack or a hit by a virus. Even when an attack comes from inside your office, by a disgrantled or particularly careless employee, good backup policy will preserve your data, and unless the attacker has administrator's access rights and privileges (protected by strong authentication), it will be thwarted.

Protecting individual computers on the network is not enough — filtering out maliceous network traffic is a much more proactive and effective line of defense.

Robust cybersecurity sorts out the IP traffic inside your network and thwarts potential attacks on all 5 IP Layers: Physical, Network Interface, Internet, Transport and Application layers, a feat accomplished by today's Next Gen Cyber Security Firewalla and Intrusion Prevention Systems."
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