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Digital Forensics and Security

Expetise in both digital forensics and digital security in many areas of computing, networking, communications, infrastructure and applications.

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 Experts in Digital Forensics, Evidence, Crime Prevention, Anti-Eavesdropping (Protection Against Cyber Spies)

Specialty Areas: Intellectual Property Theft / Business Fraud / Divorce / Family Law / Infidelity / Parental Controls / Employment Disputes / Sexual / Racial Harassment and Discrimination / Defeating Hacking / Spyware / Remote Access / Key Logging/ Activity Recording and Monitoring / Audio/ Digital Image Forensics and Authenticity / Cyber-Stalking / Cyber-Bullying / Social Media / End-to-End Encryption of Communications / Keylogging /Protection against Eavesdropping/All Other Types of Cases and many types of Devices

Fast, Responsive, Effective Cyber Forensic Services

Whether it is a potentially problematic employee violating company’s policy, an industrial spy stealing trade secrets, a fraudster, or just your teenage children whom you must protect from the Internet criminals, forensic monitoring – both in real-time and recorded for evidence – is effective in crime stopping, prevention and prosecution.

Monitoring of Live Activity

In certain situations you must monitor activities on a remote computer, smart phone, a network router, and other such devices, in real-time and/or be able to record all or certain activities, to be used for analysis and as evidence. These techniques are not unlike Remote Control, often used by technical support... and by hackers. Our services also include iron-clad defenses against these techniques.

Key & Click Logging

These software techniques are used to record all activity, down to the keystrokes. When used illegally, a keylogger is spyware that secretly logs your keystrokes so hackers can get your account information, banking and credit card data, user names, passwords and other personal information. Our services include measures ensuring that hackers cannot use these techniques.

Mobile Forensics

From remote real-time monitoring and recording of incoming and outgoing calls and text messages on the target phone, to passwords and data restoration. On the other hand, ensuring ultimate privacy of mobile communications through steganography, end-to-end encryption of everything – phone calls, text messages and e-mails – may be your business requirement that we fulfill. Anti-foreniscs and ensuring that your phone is protected from hacking.

Data Restoration

Even if the system won't boot, we can recover lost data after hard dive crash, virus attack, human error, or some unknown reasons. Recover internal & external hard disks (HDDs and SSDs), USB flash drives, memory cards, SD-cards, digital cameras, disk partitions and files, deleted or corrupt. Recover lost passwords, password-protected operating systems, files and folders, deleted, corrupt, encrypted and "invisible".

From Simple To Complex

“Simple” cases are those that do not go to court and you just want to know if a bad or illicit activity is taking place over any of your digital devices and networks, such as smart phones, pads, computers, wired and wireless routers and networks, etc., so you can intefere using your personal authority as an employer or parent. To legally surveil a digital device, it must be your property, when allowed to be used by someone else.

When it comes to investigating a serious crime, such as Industrial Espionage, Intellectual Property (IP) theft, Employee Fraud, Corporate Fraud, Organized Cyber Crime and other illegal activities, simply a “computer security expert” just won’t be able to do the job. This is because Cyber-Forensics is by necessity a cross-discipline, requiring legal experience and specialized knowledge in digital criminology.

Digital Forensics is a rigorous process, which results in production of competent evidence, which may be subject to scrutiny in court. Competent Evidence is required for proving crime or misuse of computers and other devices. Digital Forensics involves methods of discovering data, recovering deleted, damaged or encrypted information, monitoring and recording live activity, detecting violations of corporate policies, while proving authenticity of data, validity of forensic techniques, tools and findings. The authenticity of evidence and methods of its production and analysis must be beyond critcism when questioned on cross-examination. Properly obtained forensic evidence assists in prosecution of crime, termination of employment, crime stopping and prevention.

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Our Digital forensics expertise is based on the solid foundation of a lifetime in computer and network design, running global data centers and industry-wide networks, and keeping thousands of computer users productive and happy. Our company provides a whole roster of computer-related and information technologies services.


Whether your immediate needs are related to digital forensics, cyber security or general computing, we analyze them not only from the standpoint of your unique and immediate situation, but also with the view of your future. So, we offer cost-effective solutions embracing the best practices and best-in-class products that serve your current and future needs.

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Our computer solutions solve problems, instead of creating them. They make folks happy. All, while saving you time, effort and cost, now and in the future. To capitalize on the high productivity offered by technology and automation, rely on our experience, which lets you focus on your core competencies. .

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